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Why Your Business Should Be Ready For iOS 9?

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September’s right around the corner, which means that the release of iOS 9 is nearly upon us.

We don’t know the exact release date but some sources are predicting 16th September. This leaves around 3 weeks until the launch of the new operating system. If your business has a customer-facing website or iOS app, you should already be preparing.

Here’s why. iOS 9 has been designed to maximise the number of Apple users who will upgrade to the new operating system. Many users would have upgraded anyway, as a result of buying the iPhone 6S. But Apple has also made iOS 9 compatible with older iPhones and iPads. Any Apple device running iOS 8 will be able to upgrade to iOS 9.

This means that many of your customers may start using the new operating system as soon as it’s released. Uptake is likely to be far higher and faster than it was when iOS 8 was released in September last year. On that occasion, just 47% of Apple users upgraded in the first 3 weeks.

To ensure your app or website works correctly on iOS 9, you need to test your software on the new operating system as soon as possible. If you don’t, you may find that your online customer experience will suffer.

Apple has already made public certain features that could affect your app or website. For example, Slide Over and Split View could affect your software for iPad users. Both of these features enable iOS 9 users to multitask by displaying two apps side by side. This means that your software could display or function incorrectly if it isn’t responsive.

If you do your testing in-house, you can start testing your software on a beta version of iOS 9 right now: all you need to do is enrol on Apple’s free public beta program. Alternatively, you can wait until the final version is released in September and try to test your software as quickly as possible.

A third option is to partner with DS Media. Our experienced team will test your app or website on iOS 9 on multiple unique iPhones and iPads. We can also complete this testing in a very short timeframe. Apps are regularly tested in less than 24 hours.

DS Media can test your software on iOS 9 in its beta version, well before its September launch. Or we can begin testing the day the new operating system is released. If this were the case, any bugs introduced into your software would be found within days of iOS 9’s launch date.

iOS 9 could prove to be Apple’s most popular operating system yet. Certainly, its compatibility with older Apple devices points towards it having a high level of uptake. To make sure this doesn’t interfere with your online sales or customer engagement, you need to test your software on iOS 9, sooner rather than later.

Contact DS Media and we can test for you. Register now. http://dsmedia.com.sg/ios9/

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