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Why you need a mobile website NOW!

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How does your company’s website look on a mobile phone?

How about a tablet?

Have you checked recently?

If you have to spend any amount of time at all expanding the screen to view tiny text or scrolling horizontally, you’re probably losing a lot of potential customers.

Mobile device users – and that’s nearly everyone now – have little patience for a website which doesn’t display perfectly on their devices. They’re simply too “busy” to resize the screen, search more than one page, or zoom in to see your contact info. Quite frankly, I’m guilty of this too. I figure that if the company doesn’t care enough to make their site compatible on my 3 year old phone, then I’m gone. See ya. Because someone else’s website is perfect for my phone.

The Mobile Analytics Bounce

One of my current clients, a medical practice, proves this point. When I first started working on SEO for their website, a quick look at Google Analytics made it perfectly clear why their bounce rate was so high. An incredible 70% of their mobile traffic was landing on the site and bouncing off within seconds. That’s a Super Ball-size bounce.

The message was clear. Redesign the site to make it mobile-compatible and we’d be able to retain the majority of those users.

Responsive website design rocks

With the site redesign, we got that mobile bounce rate down to less than 1%, which was even better than we predicted. As a bonus, organic keyword search, time spent on the site, and page views grew dramatically, due to the new website’s structure and better on-page content. All of which falls under search engine optimization.

The good news is that a redesign of this size isn’t out of reach for most businesses. New technology, called responsive website design, allows you to build one website that automatically adjusts to any screen size – phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. It’s a remarkable innovation, eliminating the need for multiple sites specifically built for certain screens. So your desktop website is also your mobile website.

The takeaway

So what shape is your mobile website in? Borrow your friends’ devices and take a look. Is it easy to read the text? Can you find what you’re looking for within 3 seconds? Can you find and launch videos quickly? How fast can you find the contact info? Is the menu easy to use?

PC and laptop sales are down. Tablet and phone sales keep climbing. Mobile search is growing by leaps and bounds. The math is pretty clear.


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