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Top 10 Cloud Services for Small Businesses

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In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 cloud storage services that are making life easier for the small business owners.


Dropbox for Small businesses
Many of us have always used Dropbox for free to store, sync and even share our personal files on the cloud and mobile devices/PCs. Now Dropbox for Business is the latest service that offers 1 TB cloud storage space along with centralized monitoring with greater security features. Users will also be able to track and recover older files with ease.

Box is a unique cloud based service that helps you to maintain business data for centralized collaboration on the cloud. Some unique features that come with Box are screencast and screenshot sharing from your PC and the ability to carry out context-based searches in the files while integrating a great range of other services.

Microsoft SkyDrive
Microsoft’s SkyDrive gives small businesses an opportunity to store their business data for free and even integrate the same with the Windows Operating systems.

Google Drive
Google made its foray into cloud-storage services a few years back and it offers small businesses the opportunity to store, sync and share their files and folders with others via your web-browser. You will be able to even view files that require programs not installed on your computer.
Carbonite Business
Carbonite Business is quite similar to MozyPro as it helps you to back up the data (in the form of files and folders) on any windows or Mac server. This is by far the cheapest service as it charges less than a dollar per year for every GB of space you use.

The majority of cloud-storage service providers encrypt the data that you store on their servers. However, they also store your password, which makes the sensitive data accessible to anyone who cracks your password.
On the other hand, SpiderOak helps you to store your sensitive data on your computer where you can give your own password – they do not store your password in an encrypted form. Thus, no one other than you can actually access the data when needed.

MozyPro helps you to automatically back up the data stored on your PC, laptop and even servers. The software program is compatible with different OS like Mac and Windows. The charges of this service are based on the amount of storage you use and not the number of computers or servers you wish to create backups for.

Acronis Backup and Recovery Online
This cloud-storage service helps you to back up the data of an entire PC or server and not just help you to store specific files or folders – a great tool to recover data when the PC or server completely crashes.

CrashPlan Pro
CrashPlan Pro offers its backup support to Solaris and Linux systems as well as the obvious Mac and Windows-based systems. You have the unique option of choosing between unlimited storage for one computer and a specified amount of data for an unlimited number of systems.

SugarSync for Business
SugarSync for Business offers the unique service of syncing and sharing files from any computer around the world. Irrespective of whether you are using Android, Mac or iOS, you will be able to store, sync and even share your files and folders. You will also be able to send links of the shared files in email, so you do not even need to attach the files to each email.

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