Creation of ERC 20 Tokens For Initial Coin Offering

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What is an ICO?
ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets as investment. A digital asset, the coin or the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose. After the ICO process is done, the coins are traded on crypto-exchanges and market supply and demand decides on their fair pricing.
Is an ICO similar to an IPO?
The IPO refers to the “Initial Public Offering”, the very first sales of stock issued by a company to the public where a company sells at least part of their shares to the public to be traded on a stock exchange. IPO’s are mainly used (not exclusively) to publicly offer a company’s equity in the form of shares, whereas ICO’s can be utilized to offer multi-purpose products, which are not limited to shares. These new products are represented through tokens or the digital assets in general.
How long does it take for an ICO to be launched?
That is subject to the complexity of the project and the services required. It is recommended to spend sufficient time in community building for a successful ICO. It will take 1 month to 6 months for a successful ICO.
What kind of services does DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. offer?
DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. offers a wide range of services, from a full scope ICO with a subsequent listing of your token in crypto-exchanges. We also offer supportive services for the ICO such as technical development, integration and security audit, regulatory classification of the token and setting up a compliant legal structure, financial design and many more.
Are there any risks involved?
DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. minimizes risks due to its strict adherence to regulatory and operational standards. Nevertheless, investing in financial products always entails a non-negligible level of risk.
What are the fees involved?
To conduct an ICO is more cost-efficient than conducting an IPO. Fees are subject to the scope of services a potential business partner requires. DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd.’s fee structure is very competitive compared to the professionality of the team and the services provided. It ranges from SGD 10,000 to SGD 100,000.
If you need any assistance in launching your own ICO please whatsapp at +6587428153.


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