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Marketing on a budget: best practices for charity organizations

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Which charity organizations aren’t on the lookout for online marketing opportunities that don’t break the bank? Read on for five tips to gain visibility, increase donations, recruit more volunteers, and share your message in a way that engages community participation.

But first … make sure your nonprofit’s website is up to the task. Before investing in activities to increase engagement, optimize your existing website and ensure it accurately reflects your current services and capabilities.

First steps:

Review your positioning. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is not just for for-profit businesses. What differentiates you as the most deserving organization when it comes to donations and volunteer efforts?

Confirm your target audience. In addition to those who need your services, do you have a clear picture of those interested in supporting the work you do?


Online marketing efforts must focus on nurturing relationships with those most likely to contribute to your cause.

Clarify goals and priorities. Are your fundraising goals clearly defined in a measurable way? Focus on data-driven goals such as the number of donations, volunteer hours, or event participants.

If your website is due for an overhaul, consider a redesign before investing in marketing.

1. Get found using Google Ad Grants

Imagine the possibilities built into free advertising provided every month by Google AdWords. In addition to increasing contributions and recruiting volunteers, this is an opportunity to share your story with a global audience.

Ads displayed next to Google search results increase awareness of your cause, which translates directly into donations and volunteers.


Grants for Nonprofit Organizations Google Ad Grants – Google

2. Create compelling shareable content like infographics

You benefit when others tweet about your campaign or share information about your charitable organization’s good work. Celebrity support is perfect to reach a wider audience, but even without it, captivating content, featuring success stories with a personal touch, can gain plenty of traction on social media.

Infographics are an ideal medium to combine pictures and data, and therefore demonstrate your nonprofit organization’s impact on the community.

Infographics convey a large amount of information in a concise, visually persuasive presentation that is easily shared on social media or included on your website.

3.Tug on heartstrings through video

Video effectively sparks empathy and caring among your audience. Nothing motivates giving more than true stories about actual people who have been affected by a crisis situation and benefitted from your help. Video is an excellent medium to demonstrate the scope of need and your solutions – and you don’t need fancy technology to get started.

Charity organizations: Start marketing on a budget

There you have it: three sure-fire ways to increase visibility and engagement for charity organizations without taxing your budget. Roll them out individually, or combined into a multi-faceted program to reach as many supporters as possible.

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