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Does My Business Need Social Media?

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Let’s face it, social media has been around for awhile now and if you’re still stuck in the perpetual limbo of deciding whether your business should be on social media, fear not, that’s what we’re here to discuss. To give a short answer would be myopic, and to treat social media as yet another marketing medium doesn’t help the cause either.

Let’s dive headfirst and tackle the following points, and then you’ll be able to judge for yourself if social media is a viable option.

Who am I?

It’s not as philosophical as it sounds, it’s really more about dissecting your business. Is your business established or is it up-and-coming? The amazing thing about social media is that depending on your answer, it can still work for you.

If you’re an established business, you won’t rely as much on leads from social media to maintain your customer base. But why are big brands like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s on social media? Do they need social media? Probably not. The answer lies in engagement, staying relevant, and the potential to present themselves in different light.

Now, if you’re just starting out, it’s an entirely different ball game altogether, not only would you be focused on generating awareness, it’s also a chance for you to introduce yourself to your potential customers, and might we add, at a fraction of a cost compared to traditional media.

Who are my audience?

If you’re thinking it’s everyone, sound the alarm. The “the world’s your oyster” mentality doesn’t exactly hold true in this instance. We know for a fact that younger people spend more time on social platforms. But wait, if your business is catered to a more mature audience, is social media irrelevant then?

Let’s take a step back and look at the larger picture, the younger market may not be relevant now, but given time, there will be a shift in the demographics, and it might be too late to try to get a foot in the door only then.

Who do I want to be?

Social media is about building a community; they are not free advertising spaces. It’s never about having the more the merrier. Different channels don’t necessarily cater to different people, they cater to people differently. Wherever you choose to be, you’re the leader of the community and you have to be willing to lead.

And how do you be a good leader? Always remember to be relatable and always engage with your fans. Your advertisement on the newspaper may be about selling your product, but on social media, it’s always about improving people’s lives, and you’re selling them just that, a chance at living their desired lifestyle.

You’ll also need good consistent quality content to earn the trust of your followers. Nothing says dying business like an inactive social media profile. Sounds like a little too much to take on? That’s why you’re the leader.

Now that you’ve asked yourself these 3 questions, we hope you’re in a better position than where you started. As we’ve seen, any business can benefit from social media but there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. The social media landscape is ever-changing but set foot on it and we promise that the journey will be an exciting and rewarding one.

Still having doubts? Contact us and let’s chat over coffee, we promise we won’t bite!

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