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Build a Strong Online Presence Through Social Media

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It’s not difficult to rationalize the need for social media as part of a digital marketing strategy. Social media has enabled businesses to have a presence across multiple channels where they can connect with consumers, syndicate their media, and engage with a wider audience online.

Today’s technology allows any organization to have a social presence on the Internet, whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. These social avenues are filled with conversations that serve as a digital touchpoint that can be searched and found online. Social activity serves as a great avenue for relevant information to be found, connecting businesses with consumers on a greater level.

When evaluating how social media directly impacts SEO, remember that search engines use social signals like retweets, likes and plus ones as signs for where good content lives. So how is all this social activity actually boosting exposure for a business? It’s simpler than you think.


Many Routes, One Destination
Search engines don’t really take into account where consumers are coming from to get to your site, only that they end up there. When you create relevant content on your site and syndicate on your selected social channels, other users are more inclined to share your post which in turn will lead them back to your site. That traffic is a key factor in boosting rankings, but additionally opens up engagement points for the consumer.

A lot of the content shared on social media are blogs, videos, and articles, that can be measured in use. Search engines take this into account (bounce rate, pages per visit, time spent, etc.) and factor it into rankings as well.

Brand Reinforcement
Whenever users interact with your business on your social channels, they’ll see your name and logo. And it’s even better if you can get them to perform the simple act of following your brand. It was found that 71% of social media participants say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online.

When consumers go looking for something, if they remember what you sell or perform, chances are they’ll remember you. And, one step further, if they happen to be a producer themselves, that exposure may go one more step. You could get a mention in a completely unexpected piece of content, a re-post of your published blog or even a new follower. These simple actions speak volumes on the Internet as consumers connect with your brand enough to build a relationship through social media.

Prime Real Estate for Search Rankings
Having an account on these social media platforms helps build your digital presence, and the more active you are, the better your chances of appearing on the first page of search queries. The first few results for an organic search are crucial to grab, as competitors may take advantage of the opening otherwise.

Sharing your optimized content through your social channels improves your overall reach and opens up your site to potential consumers who would have otherwise not found your content. Content marketing will help drive the most activity for your brand as it keeps your audience engaged and can also be distributed across multiple online platforms. The more traffic that you are directing to your content and your site, the more you improve your search ranking results for your articles, photos, videos, and even podcasts.

Ok, Now What?
Establish a digital presence on every social media platform available to you. Content is the core of an effective digital marketing strategy and social media is what helps distribute this information on the web to consumers who are looking for solutions. Create strategies to remain consistent in your posting and provide value to your consumers through your content. And at every available opportunity, interlink your channels and pieces of content.

Being in more places where people are looking for you is inherently valuable. Consumers are constantly searching for information online and more than often are found tweeting, participating in Facebook threads, or conversing in LinkedIn groups. Social media means just that; being social. By staying active and syndicating your content to all your channels on a consistent basis, you’ll find yourself on the first page of search results in no time.

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