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9 Cunning Ways to Reduce the Cost of Data Roaming When You Travel

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Don’t use apps with ads
Many free apps mean you have the burden of having ads appear, not only are they annoying but they eat through your data.  It might be worth paying for an app rather than paying the consequences in data roaming charges.  Weigh up the options on apps you might use when you are away.

Turn off updates
Your smart phone continually connects to the internet in the background, and while your phone is switched off.  This is to ensure you have the most up to date information from your social channels and your apps.  Although this is useful, it can cost you a fortune in data roaming fees.  You will save yourself substantially if you switch of updates and purge when you have access to free Wi-Fi.

Save web pages
You can use travel apps like Pocket to save offline copies of web pages, videos and articles so you can refer to them later without having to use your data. Pocket is an offline app and you can easily organise all your saved content so you can find it when you need it.

using travel apps for navigation

Navigate offline
You don’t need to have a data connection in order to not get lost.  Save an offline Google map of the area you are travelling to and later refer to it, zooming in and out as you please.  Maps are only saved for 30 days so please keep this in mind.  An even better option is to download an offline navigation app in order to benefit from route planning and voice navigation.

Change your browser
Switch to Chrome and you can reduce your data use by up to 50% as the browser automatically reduces the page size.  In order to reduce page size you will need to enable this feature.  To enable this visit: Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce data usage.

Reduce the cost of data roaming
Using a International Data Roaming SIM card you can reduce data roaming rates by as much as 85%.

Use off line travel apps
There are loads of brilliant travel apps out there that can be insanely useful for your travels – however, many of them are not available offline and therefore could cost you a fair bit therefore maybe not quite as worthwhile as they seem.  Make sure all your travel apps are available offline (turn your data off before you travel just to check to see if they work as they should).

Be prepared
A little preparation can not only save you time, but also save you money.  Before you travel download more than enough videos, music and eBooks so you don’t have to download anything while you are travelling.  You can do this using free Wi-Fi while you are away but let’s face it, free Wi-Fi is often painfully slow.

Keep data roaming tuned off
I shouldn’t have to say it but it’s best to be on the safe side!  Keep data roaming switched off while you are travelling, only switch it on when you need to access the internet; if you leave it switched on you are likely to wish you hadn’t.

Use Wi-Fi where possible
This is another obvious one that goes without saying, but it’s not just free Wi-Fi in your hotel and cafes, there is free Wi-Fi in more places than you think.  You can use apps like Wi-Fi Finder so you don’t have to waste time searching all over for it.

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