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6 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

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When we learned last year that Instagram had surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly active users, Instagram became the hottest topic around the water cooler at marketing agencies. Here at DS Media, we’ve been watching very closely to see if this rising star of social media would continue to shine.

So far, we have not been disappointed. Instagram’s efforts to make the app more user-friendly, along with welcome shifts toward catering to the needs of business, have allowed it to continue to increase in popularity and better serve our clients. Specifically, Instagram has captured some of the best elements of other social media platforms and incorporated them into its app.

Another hot opportunity not to be missed is advertising for business. Still relatively new on Instagram, advertising offers access to a fresh audience. All of our customers who advertise on Facebook are now advertising on Instagram – with better results. Sponsored stories on Instagram blend right in; they are seen in the home feed and look and feel the same as organic posts from someone you are following.

When our clients added Instagram advertising to their Facebook ad campaigns, we expected big things – double the results. On average, their Instagram ads are collecting about four times the number of likes as their counterpart ads on Facebook. Dollar for dollar, the number of impressions seems to be about the same on the two platforms, but getting someone to absorb and engage with a post seems to be easier on Instagram.

One of my favorite examples of success with Instagram is one of our retail customers who does Facebook video advertising. On an average day, they can expect a total reach on Facebook of approximately 1,500. That same video on Instagram will garner over 11,000 impressions for a reach of 10,900 per day. As an added bonus, they will not only gain video views and likes but on average also gain about 20 new followers to the account per day.

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Let’s look at how to increase the followers with this 6 easy ways.


Post three to six images every day and be sure to post them more than 2 hours apart. I know, I know. You have a lot of photos you want to share, but reign it in and stay strategically focused with a max of six images a day. Study upon study has been done on this subject and the word on the street is that three to six is the perfect amount of updates.


If you post the right Instagram images with your branding, consumers soak up your marketing message without any hard sales pitches from you; hence, your magic spell for appealing to customers without “selling to them.”

Shoppers turn to social media for references. So the moral of the story is this: Instagram helps convert passive shoppers into confident customers.


Many images are found by hashtags on Instagram so you want to make sure you are using them to help get more Instagram followers. Place three hashtags in the content about your image.

Another word on hashtags if you are building a brand. Consider creating a hashtag just for your brand and include it in the content of every single image.

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This is where people usually disagree with me, but this can be an useful technique to get more Instagram followers. You have to aggressively follow people each and every day. You are limited to following a maximum of 80 people in an hour. Do that a couple of times a day so that you are following around 200 people each and every day.

To find people to follow, go to accounts that you follow or like and follow their followers or the people they are following. Look for people that have similar interest and photos as you. You will have more success following followers if your images are in the same niche as the account the person is already following.


I will harp on this endlessly. If you don’t have engagement, your account is pointless from a brand point of view. I stumble across many, many accounts that have 50k-100k+ followers and end up with 30 likes on an image and no comments. Um, there is a serious disconnect if people are not interacting with you. If you aren’t leveraging your account to build a brand, this tip probably isn’t important, but if your end goal is to make money, review items, or take trips than you need to pay attention to this one.

Five or six times a day jump onto Instagram for 5 -10 minutes. Go through your Instagram feed and like the last 30 minutes to an hour of photos. Basically, do what you can in five minutes. There really isn’t a hard and fast rule. I want to keep it simple enough that you feel like you can follow through and that building your Instagram followers isn’t sucking all your time.


Search the same hashtags that your are using in your images. When the hashtag pages opens up click on the first image in recent posts and scroll through the stream liking images, leaving comments, and following people. You don’t have to like all the images you see. I tend to skip selfies, but pretty images get likes, gorgeous images get comments and both of those usually get a follow. It’s a great way to find others on Instagram that are outside your immediate circle.

Every business can benefit from hiring an experienced individual to handle all of their Instagram needs. However, many business owners overlook this position and may even scatter the responsibilities across their workforce. Ultimately, this common habit overwhelms current employees and depletes productivity.

Please sign up for our 3 days Free Trial to increase your Instagram Followers Organically . Money Back Guarantee.


Please sign up for our 3 days Free Trial to increase your Instagram Followers Organically . Money Back Guarantee.


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